Terrifying moment ‘tornado’ rips through house in sleepy English village

Footage from inside one home in Thorngumbald captured the moment the East Yorkshire village was battered by the fearsome mini storm which brought a tornado with it

Footage from home cameras captured the moment a terrifying “tornado” swept through a usually sleepy East Yorkshire village.

The tornado hit Thorngumbald on Monday morning, leaving behind a trail of destruction after ripping roofs and knocking fences and walls down.

Houses were battered by the freak weather event and local emergency services confirmed they had sent two appliances to deal with incidents reported at “a few” properties, HullLive reports.

In footage shared by the BBC, a house can be seen shaking and a conservatory glass roof smashes as a result of the mini-storm which arrived shortly after 11am.

Pictures shared by a plumber show a garage with its roof blown entirely off, a crumbled brick wall, and what appears to be a motorhome on its side.

Another image shows a large piece of fencing blown across a house and roof tiles missing.

One Thorngumbald resident tweeted: “There’s been a mini tornado near here in Thorngumbald, caravan blown over, roof tops damaged.”

Another resident said: “Blimey, I’m in Thorn too, the wind was certainly blowing earlier…but this is something else!”

Humberside Fire and Rescue said they had received several calls from across the region as the high winds and rain swept in during the morning, causing varying amounts of damage.

A spokesperson said two fire engines attended the scene of a collapsed chimney stack that had fallen partially into the house, and fire fighters were present to make the property safe and clear up debris.

Plumber Steve Richardson, who took pictures of the damage caused, said the tornado had thankfully not caused any injuries.

He said: “Mini tornado just gone through Thorngumbald. The roof is off the destroyed garage, blew right over the bungalow.”

In a typical year, the UK sees around 30-35 tornadoes, though it is very rare that are they strong enough to cause significant damage.

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